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The origins of the Harlequin figure run deep.   The way that we are all drawn to them runs even deeper.  For centuries,  this romantic and mischievous figure has captivated the hearts and minds of man.   Eyes have been drawn to the Harlequin from its very beginnings from literary lore and early theater, throughout royal courts and into modern culture.  Perhaps the most associated image is the Harlequin’s attire.  It starts with the mask; a colorful headpiece adorned with elaborate imagery and patchworks of fine materials and playful accessories such as bells or charms.  The costume is just as motley with contrasting color blocking patterns, exquisite embroidery and the finest collection of fabrics from the continents.  This is a great evolution from the Harlequin’s modest, if not poor, upbringing.  It is said that his mother sewed his carnival costume from a patchwork of cloths that his friends from school had donated so that he may participate in the festivities.  The result was the finest, most unique and imaginative costume anyone had ever seen, and Harlequin has been a loved character ever since.

This is why ShoeToy has embraced this persona.  We believe that it takes imagination to be and express ourselves through our attire.  That is why we have put together a collection of men’s and women’s shoes that everyone can create to their own liking.   We all have a bit of Harlequin in our hearts – that kindred and playful, sometimes mischievous spirit that lives inside us.  After all, we are what we wear.   What are you?